Our Response to COVID-19

As we're all going through these tough times, it's our responsibility to step up and support our community and the people around us. We understand that school has become virtual and learning material is continually being delivered to students in a less interactive, less hands-on way. It's our responsibility to fight this battle together and support our community at all times. Over the past two months, we were able to help 25+ students from 18 cities and 9 countries! We appreciate your support, and were extremely glad to meet students from all around the world. UpGrade Tutoring will always be here for you if you need academic help in the future!
Stay Home. Wash Your Hands. Stay Safe. 
Your Friendly Tutors at UpGrade
*Tutoring can only be booked 7 days in advance, and our 48-hour cancellation policy still applies. 
**Tutoring is unavailable from May 7 - 22, 2020 as our team members must prepare for and take AP Exams during this period.

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